You promise yourself every day to write down the last lectures nicely and neatly, to start a new booklet and to do all the university assignments. But nothing happens from day to day and the mountain of debt is getting bigger. In addition, you are looking for a new job, you have to get the budget and the study will gradually do you care. You have no interest, no desire and no motivation. What’s wrong with you? Time? Incentive? Or help?

The problem is known to us. The solution, too – just start taking the first step. Your success depends on you. Your motivation. And your life. What can you do for problems instead of breaking down the mountain of debt in one day?

Today we’ll give you some advice on how to make you successful. There is a psychological trick called the Rubikon method. So, let’s go!

Rubicon method and its consequences

You can not concentrate on studying. There are always many other things to do, but please do not do the boring project work or literature research. Your activity is clear. It’s called procrastination. “Tomorrow, tomorrow, just not today …”. This behavior gets on your nerves thieving and you waste more time.

To escape this vicious circle, psychologists recommend the Rubicon method. The Rubikon method is closely linked to the metaphor “crossing the Rubicon” and has existed for over 2,000 years. This metaphor is traced back to the times of Julius Caesar. At that time there was a small river in Italy called Rubicon. Caesar had crossed this river with his soldiers, causing a civil war. There was no way back from that point. “The cube has been thrown” said Caesar and so the event became the scene of world history. Since then, “crossing the Rubicon” means taking a decision that can have serious consequences. You can not withdraw from that.

Exactly this method can be used in the study. Imagine that your eternal postponement is a Rubicon and exceed it! From then on, you can not go back. So you have to break out of the comfort zone. You have to plan some steps and keep some promises.

1. Give shape to your problem. In addition, you should ask yourself, with which you have the most difficulties and which result you expect later.

2. Determine your goal. Including your stopover, where you can check your result. What exactly do you want to achieve?

3. Act consciously. Ask yourself from time to time, how, why and how long do I do that?

4. Design a concrete plan. You should plan everything step by step. Make some appointments.

5. Pass your personal Rubicon!

We think the tip is concise and pretty clear. However, there are many articles on the Internet that include more recommendations. If you want to delve into the topic, look for an article by Heike Thormann. He is really worth reading.

Theory or practice

Of course you can promise a lot and read a hundred books on the topic. Nobody helps with the knowledge. That’s where you need to do it. We’ll give you some glaring examples of how to do your first rubicon step.

1.Find a pig

Why, you would ask. Very easy: enter 5 € for each inconclusive day. Nothing written today? – Please pay. So you could better comply deadline.

2. Deceive yourself

Funny? But effective. Make an appointment with your supervisor, even though you do not want one. So you will have to report that day.

3. Get rid of fear of the audience.

Present something in the next lecture. Study an interesting topic so you want to report it.

4. Be spontaneous!

If you do not like something anymore, you do not have to plan on giving up. Do that today! Boring job? – Cancel. No chances in the city? – Move around. No freetime? – Time Management.

5. Hurry in a while

Do not attack everything at once. Make new steps gradually and consistently. First the priorities.


With the Rubikon method you will leave your comfort zone and take a right path to success. There are no more chances to delay! The cube has been thrown.